Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sneak peak - immie&ollie photo shoot

We had our photo shoot yesterday in New Farm Park and the Powerhouse. It went beautifully, as you can see from the photos above.

The photographer is Katie Walker-Smith, a twin-mum-to-be I met while selling liners at the Mathilda's Market. She's a fab photographer and was so wonderful with the babies yesterday.
You can check her out here.

The little girls in these photos are my beautiful friend Rachel's twin daughters, Moleigh and Leeyah. We were due to have our twins on exactly the same day! We both went early though. Rach a week earlier than me. We spend a lot of time together and our four bubs adore each other.

And the adorable toddler is Ava, Katie's daughter. She certainly knows how to work the camera - she's a pro!

I'm getting a website - truly. Soon. Promise. Will keep you posted.


  1. looks amazing jen!!
    well done... the girls are adorable... can't wait to see the website xx

  2. Thanks Shan. It was such a fun day :)

  3. Bless! How utterly adorable - the boys are just delicious - you mama, are doing a FABULOUS job xxx


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