Friday, January 29, 2010

Bedroom madness

I have fallen in love with this bedding - totally head over heels. Want it. Want it. Want it. [Not for me, obviously]

I can see my little boys in this room, with this scheme, and these planes.

So, why not just buy it?

Weeeelll, for a start, they're not quite in big beds just yet. But I can deal with that. I can put it away until they are! Or I can double it over until then.

Secondly, it's from Pottery Barn Kids, who don't ship internationally (what is it with American stores that won't ship out here?). Again, I have this one covered as I have a lovely friend in NYC who is ready willing and able to take delivery and then post it all on to me.

And finally - this is the big one - it will cost over $750, and that's without getting it to Australia. Yep. More than $750. Kapow.

It's too expensive isn't it. Is it? I can't justify it. Can I?

I have been telling myself (and T) that I'm going to just make it myself instead. But I already know that tracking down the fabric, cutting it all out, sewing, quilting (even on the machine), applique, etc will take ridiculous hours that I just don't have with two adorable little munchkins (who don't like to sleep during the day) on my hands.

Hmmm, I'm left with a dilemma. Not a great intro to Frugal February!!

And we have a roller

Little Lach has been rolling from tummy to back for just over a week now. In the days leading up to the First Big Roll (20.01.10), he was trying so hard. He would turn bright red with effort, he'd make "nya" noises and huge grunts and groans, and get so frustrated that he wasn't getting anywhere. You should have seen the look on his face when he eventually made it over. So satisfied. Now, just about every time I put him on his tummy, he's off! Except when I have the camera or videocamera of course....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh, hello 45 minute intruder

nice to meet you. Or not. Where did you come from? I wasn't expecting you.

You've created a teeny bit of chaos in my lovely home. I think you're probably the boys' newest best friend though. After all, now they get to be awake nearly all day - yep, that's right. All day. Playing, giggling, being cute... then getting more and more tired and grumpy. But no, you won't let them sleep will you? 45 mins, right on the knocker. And they're up! Yep, both of them. At the same time.

So, dearest 45 minute intruder, you've made your presence known. We noticed you. Job done. Please leave now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

#18 Put your apostrophes in the right place

Apostrophes are ridiculously misused. Don't be frightened of them. They're simple.

1. Apostrophes show ownership:
  • Owned by one person - Dad's car - the apostrophe comes before the 's'
  • Owned by more than one person - the boys' boat - the apostrophe comes after the 's'

2. Apostrophes indicate an abbreviation:
  • Have not becomes haven't
  • Is not becomes isn't
  • Should not becomes shouldn't
  • etc

3. Its and it's kind of break the rule:
  • It's is short for 'it is' (it's a hot day)
  • Its shows ownership (the dog chased its tail)

4. Apostrophes are not used whenever you see an 's'. An 's' simply makes something plural. It doesn't indicate ownership or an abbreviation. You'll see apostrophes used like this (below) all the time. They're wrong.
  • Photo's
  • Hat's
  • Tomato's
  • Boat's

#17 Do others the courtesy of listening

Don't interrupt. Let them finish. And don't come straight in with a 'bigger better' version of your own. Be respectful of people's stories - they're what makes up others' lives.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

#16 A real pizza only has three toppings,

a thin crust, and real mozzarella. I'm going to teach you how to make them.

#15 Don't stop doing stuff just because you're not the best at it

You don't have to be the best at everything. In fact, you don't have to be the best at anything! Do stuff because it's fun: not just because you can win.

Wedding anniversary

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary, and I'm feeling the love. Thought I should share some :)

If you're reading darling T, Happy Anniversary. I adore you. You always make me smile. You're a wonderful husband, and you're a brilliant dad. You make me laugh, I love how much fun we have, and I just love you. Simple as that.


4 months!

Darling Hamish

Happy 4th month birthday, you darling little boy. You have grown so much. Right now, you are 5.83kg, and 60cm long.

You totally love pureed pears, and get so excited when you see the spoon coming. You smile at me every morning when I come in to get you up, and you shyly smile at visitors, who melt when they see you. You love cuddles, and you have the most wonderful giggle. Your eyes sparkle when a smile is coming on. Your purple musical elephant - Ollie - is your favourite toy, and you love looking in the mirror. You love your dad so so much, and he adores you right back.

You don't cry or shout. You are a quiet, cuddly, shy, darling little boy who is always warm and snuggly. Holding you close is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my entire life.
I love you so so much

Your Mama

Beautiful Lachlan

Happy 4th month birthday! What a big boy you have become. You've come a long way littlest one - from 1.23kg to 5.23kg. You were so so tiny when you were born, but you'd never know it now: you're a picture of health.

You're a brilliant sleeper - you stopped waking for your middle of the night feed at about 8 weeks, and then started sleeping all the way through from 10pm to 7am from about 10 weeks. Lots of our friends with babies are very jealous!

You have such a sparky personality. You laugh, smile, giggle and shout out at people and things all day long. You're intoxicatingly happy. You get super excited and your whole body joins in - arms, legs, head: it's all moving all the time. You're an excellent head-holder-up-erer - and you love to stand. In fact, you love being upright so much, that a lot of the time you refuse to bend at all. Makes it a little hard to get you into your beloved bumbo and swing, but it makes for giggles all round. You get really excited when you see your dad, and you go into full body movement overdrive. It's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

I love you so so much sparky

Your Mama

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

One room at a time

I really love my house, and there really is no need to do anything structural to it.

Eventually, we might convert the double garage to create more living space downstairs, and build a carport out the front instead. We may widen the back verandah, and possibly reconfigure the kitchen a little, but all of that is way way way in the future.

What my lovely lovely home does need though are the finishing touches. An injection of us. Something to move it from nice to meaningful.

So, my big project for this year is to finish the house:

And because I'm the kind of person who needs a plan, some visual motivation, and someone to crack the whip, I am going to photograph each room, write a game-plan, then post the finished results. I'm giving myself the whole year - for a few reasons. I don't have an unlimited budget, so need to be creative and thoughtful. I want to do it myself. And I want to take the time to seek out special things.

There, I've said it. Now I have no excuse. Hold me to it people!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A letter to my boys on their first Christmas

Darling boys

This is your first Christmas, our first as a family, and the first of many to come.

Christmas is such a special time of year. It's a time when the world feels magical. The streets fill with sparkling lights. Beautiful old carols can be heard in the air. People smile more. Hug more. Love more.

It's about love, and family, and togetherness. It's about counting your blessings. And it's about charity. Doing something to help others to feel the spirit of Christmas too.

Merry Christmas darling ones. May you always find the magic at this time of year. As you grow older, you'll soon realise that the true joy is in making others smile.

We love you so incredibly much

Your Mama and Daddy

Wow, what a week

I have had the best ever Christmas week. We cooked up a festive feast and had all the family to our house on Christmas Day. The boys were the star attraction of course. We have realised our parents don't visit on our account anymore :)

The food was fab, the rain held off, it was hot enough to swim, but not get burnt, and there was much much laughter and joy. Christmas with your own babies is just the most amazing thing. Even though they had absolutely no idea what was going on, it just felt so so special.

I've been doing some creative things with left-over ham, and so far have managed a ham and potato frittata, chicken and leek pie (with ham instead of bacon), many ham sandwiches, eggs benedict, fried rice, and have a ham souffle and spanish ham and eggs up my sleeve.

We hosted a fun dinner party for NYE, and I cooked a four course Thai menu. Fish cakes, red beef curry, whole steamed snapper, and sorbet with lime and vodka sugar syrup. All from scratch, and it was delicious. Some yummy champers, some kitschy party poppers, and a brilliant night was had by all.

And best of all, T is still on hols: I just adore spending all day with him. We have so much fun. We're like big kids really.

And 2010? It's going to be a good one. I can feel it :)

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it brings you love, laughter, kindness and joy.