The Twinadoes

Hamish (L) and 'Rocky' (Lachlan) (R)

Hamish and Rocky - affectionately known as the twinadoes - are my gorgeous babies.

They are the fraternal sort of twins - which means they are not identical. Not even close.

Their personalities couldn't be more different either. Hame is a gentle, soft, sweet darling. Rocky is a loud, intense, precocious dynamo.

Together they're a formiddable team. And noisy. They adore each other, and they make me smile.

Having twins is a privilege. It's amazing. And I am grateful. I adore these little humans.

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  1. Having twins is so lovely. I have Boy/Girl twins, one year olds. I love hearing other Mum's enjoying their twins and saying it's a 'privilege' because it is! Aren't we lucky! Lovely blog. x


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