Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who went for a run? Me? What?

I didn't mean to. Honestly. I'm not a runner, not even a jogger. Frankly, I'm barely even a walker.

But this afternoon I loaded the boys into their pram and headed out for a gentle suburban walk. I was planning to point out the trees and the birds and gently amble around my suburb and its rather revoltingly (if you're walking) steep hills (that's what you get in the inner eastern 'burbs in Brisvegas).

We stopped off at the park just a street away and I pulled out the boys' travel playmats and popped them down under a giant gum tree. It was delicious! They had such a brilliant time, and I enjoyed just playing with them in the beautiful (ie not too hot) weather. Lachie even sat up totally by himself for a whole minute. I was bursting with pride so much that I was hanging out for someone to walk by just so I could tell them :)

Instead of turning around and walking straight back home, I felt like going for a bit of a walk. And then, out of nowhere, came this urge to run! So I did. I think it was to get some momentum up the giant hill, but it felt sooooo good! So I just kept going. I didn't even really notice the gigantic double pram in front of me.

It felt so good I might even do it again.

Now, back to the sewing......


  1. I couldn't get up a jog to save myself! I love walking though. Just found you at Blog This, and am your newest follower

  2. This made me laugh! That's the trick though, you *tell* yourself you're just heading out for a gentle stroll, then POW!, you just start running.

    Can't believe you did it with a giant pram as well. That equals bonus points! x

  3. Carly - I have no idea where it came from, it's very far out of my usual comfort zone.

    Hi Belinda, welcome to my little bloggy blog - I'll go check out yours too :)

    Thanks Jane, there was a hairy moment coming down the hill when the pram tilted slightly backwards.. but all was ok in the end.

    And I did it again today - the run that is.!


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