Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The first time

I have just waved my boys off. They're with Grandma for the day.

This is the first time they've spent a whole day with someone else, without me in earshot.

I blew them a million kisses.

I feel strange. Like part of me is missing. Like something has wrapped itself tightly around my chest and won't let go.

And, oh, there's a tear.

I know it will get easier. It's just the first time.



  1. Oh sweetheart. I remember that feeling... an anxious, incomplete feeling... really like a part of you is missing. I still sort of feel a little bit of it every day when my boys are at school.. it never really goes away. Hope the day went ok and you had some 'me' time. A-M xx

  2. Thanks A-M. I ended up being ok, and managed to get quite a bit of work done in the end. The gigantic smiles on their faces nad little pudgy arms reaching out for cuddles when they saw me this afternoon helped a lot too :)

  3. Gorgeous photo did you take it??? How great are those faces when they realise they missed you - heart filling stuff.

  4. I waved of Charlotte for the first time on her own with Grandma on the same day. It was only for a few hours, but still broke my heart a little.


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