Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baptism cupcakes

My gorgeous nephew Henry is being baptised tomorrow, and T and I are going to be his godparents. In a fit of responsibility I offered to make some cupcakes for the day. My experience - or lack thereof - has been detailed in a previous post - so suffice to say I was veeerrry unsure about how these would turn out.

But, they're ok, I think. Far from perfect, but o.k. I've never used fondant before, so this was my first time kneading, tinting, cutting, etc. I think the brown could have been browner, and I have a bit of buttercream 'glue' hanging out the edges of some of the polkadots (which I will try to remove with a toothpick), but I think they'll pass muster :)


  1. I tihnk they look fantastic! FOndant is hard to get the hang of isn't it!

  2. It is!! And I think I overdid the 'gentle brush of hot water over the top to make it 'glisten'... bit sticky actually. oops!


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