Friday, June 29, 2012

A headboard in the making

I'm - FINALLY - getting around to making a headboard for our bedroom. I've only been talking about it for, oh, about four years.

I found some amazing French linen fabric that has been screenprinted with a silvery grey trellis pattern. It's so beautiful.

So that's this weekend's major project. I'm p.r.e.t.t.y excited about the staple gun action.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting my paint on

I'm obsessed with painted wicker / painted cane / painted rattan / painted whateveryouwanttocallit and have been stalking pinterest and ebay like a crazy person.

See: obsessed.


(these images are all from my pinterest page - - and you can click through to find the original sources)

I've missed out on five fabulous chairs but today I won! Bam! I got this unpolished beauty for the bargain price of $20, and the best bit is that it's currently residing only a few suburbs away.

She's currently not the most glamourous of chairs, but I love her diamond panels and curved arms. She's definitely going to be turquoise. Or yellow. Or shiny shiny shiny black.........

Monday, June 18, 2012

The week... briefly

An attack of appendicitis followed by swift removal of said appendix is how this week began. For me, at least. I'm so glam when I'm sick. H.O.T.

Once that was over (ouch), I settled in and enjoyed my little family and made the most of enforced rest.

Obsessed with painted cane and wicker furniture. Hello turquoise!

Practicing fine motor skills (while secretly trying to work out if Hamish is a lefty or a righty). He's excellent with tongs. Definitely a BBQer of the future.

Editing the next issue of Multiplied. Yes, my babies. I know. But they're such compliant models. Didn't even kick up a fuss when I tied scarves around their necks.

Rocky rollin' - this kid is a rock-star. 
Making shoe rainbows and singing,  "I can sing a shoe rainbow, sing a shoe rainbow, sing a shoe rainbow tooooooo".

Unnecessary gratuitous cuteness

Swimming lessons - thank goodness for heated pools. It's really chilly this winter, and I adore it. Now if only I could convince T we needed to install a fireplace.

Out of the Box Children's Festival - newsreaders and newsshredders of the future?

Cooking from my trusty collection of Donna Hay cookbooks and mags. She's fab.