Monday, May 3, 2010

the weekend...briefly

I've had a wonderful weekend - so relaxing and fun. And it's not over yet because up here in sunny QLD it is our labour day public holiday (go the workers!).

On Saturday, we went to the airport to farewell Grandma and Pa off on their 5 week European holiday, and it was so fun taking the boys out there. Their little heads were swivelling at every sound, passer-by, and aeroplane.

Then we had a picnic in the park at Kangaroo Point which was just so so lovely. Here's a snap:

Next, an indulgence. But one I think I deserve :) I was at the Chanel counter on Friday telling the lovely girl there that I needed new foundation because I was having a girls' night out and mine was well past its use-by date. She insisted I come back the next afternoon to buy it because the national makeup team was in town, and I managed to get the last appointment of the day. It was perfect.

It looked really lovely too, but I always feel a bit funny when I have my makeup done because I can feel it. Do you know what I mean? I don't normally wear foundation, so it feels really rather odd to me.

In the evening, my gorgeous twin mum friends and I went out to dinner. There are 5 of us, and usually we catch up every fortnight where we race around like crazy people looking after the needs of 10 little babies. So it was utter bliss to just sit there and chat. ..... about our babies of course. Although we did get onto Chloe handbags for just a minute :)

Yesterday we went out to breakfast, did a spot of shopping in Queens Plaza where we bought a couple of gorgeous new outfits for H&L for a little photo session we're having on Wednesday.

And then, last night - god knows where the energy came from - I cooked gremolata crusted lamb rack and individual potato gratins. It was really rather delicious.

And today, it's my sisters' birthday. They're twins too, and turning 31, so we're having a family get-together.

I wish every weekend could be as wonderful as this one :)


  1. Beatiful Pic of you and the boys..Perfect weather for the long weekend!!

    I have a new blog, Would love you to check it out.. :P

  2. ooh so twins are a common theme. love it. i remember when i was younger i always wanted a twin! always.

    gorgeous picture.

    sounds like you had a great time!

  3. Gorgeous pic!
    Sounds like a busy but fun weekend.

  4. That picture of you with the boys is STUNNING!
    Glad you had such a lovely weekend!


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