Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy mama

that's me. Undoubtedly.

Not only do I have a ridiculous amount of sewing to do, I have volunteered to make pretty cupcakes for my nephew's baptism this weekend. So, am I a pro cake decorator?? Errrm, no. Am I a somewhat competent cake decorator? Errrm, no. Have I ever used fondant before? Hell, no. Exactly how much experience do I have with cake decorating?? Well, none, now that you mention it.....

I have this lovely vision in my head of perfectly baked, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly decorated cupcakes, and I am sure the reality just cannot live up to this dream.

But we shall see! I'm going to give it a red-hot go. At least I'll have a delicious time trying :)


  1. good luck!! i'm making a cake and cupcakes for my girls 2nd birthday on sunday... we can compare photos next week :) i am no pro too

  2. ooh, happy birthday to your little darlings Shan! Good luck with the cakes. I'll post pictures, disastrous or not!

  3. ooh hope you go well hun! you can do it!

    you sound like me when it comes to cooking.. packet mix?

  4. Hey carly - I can actually bake, so I'm doing them from scratch, I'm just not entirely sure about my decorating ability. I'm fine for home, but this is an 'occasion' - nervous!!! Oh well, at least they'll be made with love. Plus, Henry is only 3 months old so he'll have no idea :)

  5. I'm sure they'll appreciate that you're making something from love, it really is the thought (and effort!) that counts. And don't forget to lick the bowl!


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