Thursday, April 15, 2010

First cab off the rank - the home office

I have so far been super slack with my 'one room at a time' project. I've been kinda busy....

But, as of right now, I have no choice but to get cracking on one area - our home office.

Because.... I have my first client! This consulting gig might just pull off. It's an NGO who need some serious help with their social change strategies and stakeholder comms, so from next week, I am officially a work-from-home-for-actual-money-mama.

Since the boys have been born, I've barely ventured downstairs, except to do the washing. I use my laptop upstairs for blogging, emailing and quick web searching (usually stuff like 'nappy rash', 'projectile vomit', etc).

But I'm going to need a good workable space, a calm space, and a practical space. And, as per the rules of the game, I have practically no money to spend. And I have one day. So I'm not going to be buying new furniture, or putting up wallpaper, or getting new lights installed, or anything like that. It also has to be used by T for his stuff, so I can't go too swirly whirly sadly.

Here are the scary 'before' photos:

What a mess!! Oh dear Lord.

(and yes, there are 7 bottles of wine in that photo - but don't worry. It's not all me. T is a wine-reviewer/lawyer (personally, I think there's a reason they're connected...))

Let the games begin!

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  1. oooh! i love it before. cannot wait to see it after. this is totally why i want our own house. so i can go design/rearrange/style crazy xx

    yay to money-mama xx


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