Friday, July 31, 2009

#9. Lefty loosey, Righty tighty

This rhyme works for pretty much anything that screws in, or on, and unscrews out or off.

Thanks to you Daddy for this one. I'd never heard this until I met him. You'd be surprised at how often it comes in handy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

#8. Learn to DIY

You'll save a fortune - and lots of time - if you know how to paint a wall, change a washer, drill a hole, put up a blind or a curtain, check the oil and points in your car, and other small stuff. No-one is expecting you to be a master builder (unless you want to be, of course), but with a bit of enthusiasm and the right tools, anyone can do these jobs.

You'll be amazed at how satisfying it is to be able to complete a small job around the house and think to yourself "I did that". Small things bring big smiles.

The Belly Diaries - 28 weeks

Hi babies

We're in the final stretch! We've reached the third trimester and it's now only about 9 weeks before we finally meet you face to face. The date is booked! And if all goes according to plan, you will arrive into this big world on 01 October 2009.

We saw you yesterday when we had an ultrasound. You've grown so much. It was wonderful to hear that you're growing strongly and that everything continues to be ok.

You two are certainly having fun in there. All day and night long I feel you wriggling, rolling and kicking. It's such a lovely feeling, and I'm sure I'll miss it when you arrive in this world. Although having you here will more than make up for it.

Your daddy is taking me away this weekend - for some relaxation and pampering. It's getting a bit more difficult to move around now, and I'm feeling very tired, so I'm looking forward to some special time to just sit, relax, and enjoy.

Your dad needs some relaxation time too. He has to give a seminar at work today, so he's been working even harder than normal to get it done. He's been working all sorts of hours so that when you darlings arrive he can take three whole weeks off work so we can all get to know each other.

We can't wait to meet you.

All the love in the universe,
Your Mama

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend dreaming

I can't wait for this weekend.

T is taking me to Byron Bay for a bit of 'us' time, mixed in with some 'me' time before our cosy little lovenest of 2 becomes 4.

We're staying at the gorgeous Byron at Byron resort, and I'm booked in for a looong pregnancy massage and a manicure.

There are big day beds, a heated pool, rainforest walks, sunsets (oh, the sunsets!), and most importantly, a big deep delicious bath that I plan to spend a lot of time in.



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#7. You CAN

...even when you think you can't. There's a well-known mantra in our culture:
"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can".
It comes from "The Little Engine That Could". It tells a story about how even when faced with an overwhelming task, a little positivity, and taking things one step at a time, sees you there in the end.

So, my darling boys, be patient, take things one step at a time, believe in yourselves, and you'll get there.

A big thank you to Sandra at mumspace for this piece of advice. She swears by the chugging arms. Her mum used to do the voice and arms for her when she was tiny, trying to do something, and getting frustrate with it. Sandra does it now for her own kids, and for herself when having trouble staying on track or getting something finished. She has even been known to pull out the arm-chugs in public for that extra last-ditch effort :)

Image from Wikipedia (

Monday, July 27, 2009

#6. Enjoy now

Try to take a minute to enjoy right now. Breathe, look, smell, take notice. We're always rushing from somewhere, to somewhere else and we tend to forget to appreciate the journey. Life isn't a a destination.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Belly Diaries - 27 weeks

Hello boys

Another week has gone by already. Each day we get closer and closer to meeting you! But not for a while please. Stay put and keep cooking little ones.

This week your dad and I discovered a very amusing past-time. This is how it's played: Take a hand (one of ours) and place it on my belly; Feel around for the hardest spots, which are where you and your brother are pressed up nice and tight against my skin; Press down firmly, but gently; Wait, and oh! There it is! You've said hello! You press, kick, or roll back in response to the pressure, and it's just amazing.

I passed my latest round of medical tests with flying colours too: good antibodies, good glucose tolerance, and acceptable iron levels. We had a quick scan at the obstetrician's clinic, and you boys are looking good and healthy for your ages. Your Mama is measuring the equivalent of a woman who is 32 weeks pregnant with one baby. How about that!

Next week we get to see you properly at the ultrasound clinic and we can't wait. So until then darlings, stay warm, comfy, and keep growing!

I love you
Your Mama

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

500 pieces of advice

I have just stumbled across this amazing feat of love, energy, passion, and, well, stamina.

This is a blog by a mum who is compiling a list of 500 pieces of advice for her baby girl. Some serious, some silly, and all gorgeous.
What an amazing thing to do! What an astonishing gift. It feels like the kind of very very special book that can be passed down through generations, added to along the way, loved and shared by many.

I can't exactly describe how much this resonates with me. Maybe it's the kind of thing I wish I had. Or maybe I admire the love that sparks something like this. Either way, I have decided to start my own 'book' of advice for my little boys to help them on their way to a happy, adventurous and fulfilled life.

I want to compile a wide range of advice, ideas, and other words that come together to make for a happy, contented and honest life. They don't have to be serious or even particularly sensible. In fact, they can even be downright silly. All I'm looking for is that they're resonant. And true.

If you can think of that one piece of advice that you wish you'd received; that you did receive and you've never forgotten; or something you heard somewhere that just rang true deep in your gut, I'd love to hear it.

I'll start with the first five:

#1. We love you. We always will. It's nice to have someone love you unconditionally, and that's what our love is. There's nothing we won't be there for.

#2. Unless the elevator you're in is so crowded that you have no choice but to exit first, always let others out before you. You'll be rewarded with a smile. And that's a nice thing.

#3. Only ever wear french cuffed business shirts. They sit better, fit better, and look more refined. These things may matter to you one day.

#4. Always send a thank you. If someone has made the effort to entertain you, please thank them properly for it. It will make their day.

#5. Sing! Loudly, and often. Even if you can't. It's good for the soul.

Right, there you have it. The first 5! I'll keep this up until I hit - maybe not 500 - but until it feels right.

Wish me luck!

It's Tuesday and I can't wait.....

.... to send out my baby shower invitations this w

I've finished printing, so now I'm assembling and adding the ribbon. I'm also making envelope liners so that they're just that little bit
more special to open.

I really love how they're turning out: here's a sneaky peek!

I also can't wait to get my hands on some tissue paper to practice making these gorgeous Martha Stewart pompoms (instructions here). I thought they would make the perfect whimsical decorations for a spring afternoon garden party.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Go here to join the 'It's Tuesday and I can't wait' phenomenon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty peonies

I wish I could have these around my house all year round.....

Image: For the love of fashion

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Belly Diaries - 26 weeks

Darling babies

I have never been this excited about meeting anyone in my entire life. When I'm at home by myself I spend hours imagining that you're both here with me.

My belly button hasn't popped out yet, but I'm certain it can't be far off. I am feeling so so full and I can't believe that it's possible to stretch even more than I have - but I know I will - you still have so much growing to do.

Your dad and I lie in bed each night giggling and in wonderment at your kicks and movements. It's a magical thing.

Sit tight my little beans - and grow, grow, grow!

I love you
Your Mama

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy's gone a-hunting

Husband really likes bunting in kid's rooms - so I decided to have a go at making some to match the other things I've made for our boys' room.

It's been a pretty fun project, and importantly, simple!

Here's what you need:
  • fabrics in the colours / patterns you choose
  • matching cotton
  • length of ribbon
  • measuring tape
  • cardboard
  • scissors (I used normal scissors and pinking shears)
Here are the instructions - and, truly, I go at things like a bull at a gate, often lacking requisite TLC (sounds like a report card doesn't it....), so even if you're like me and don't do things perfectly, it still works out! There's plenty of room for error.

1. Select your fabrics and pre-wash them (if you can be bothered!), and get your cottons / bobbins in order

2. Decide what size you want your flags to be and cut out a cardboard template (don't forget to add an extra centimetre all the way around for hemming). My finished flags are 11cm wide and 22 cm high.

3. Work out how many flags you need for your bunting. An odd number works best usually (helps you to centre the hanging of it).

4. Cut your flags out. Each flag will need a 'front' and a 'back'. This means you need 2 triangles per flag. You could use the same fabric front and back, or mix it up a little. Totally up to you.

5. Sew your flag pieces together (but not along the top!) - inside out or 'right sides together'. Keep going until you've done them all.

6. Turn your flags inside out (this is why you don't sew along the top) and iron flat. They end up looking like the photo above.

7. Place them out on the ground and work out your order - just play with the order of them and soon enough something will feel right.

8. Stay stitch the flags together along the tops. I just fed them into the sewing machine one after the other. (If you look closely, you can see the stitching line joining them all in the photo above)

9. Trim excess fabric above stay-stitch line - this makes it easier to attach the ribbon binding. I used pinking shears so that I didn't have to worry about fraying.

10. Sew the ribbon over the stay-stitch line (I bought a wide piece of ribbon and actually ironed it in half so that half of the width was on the front, and half was on the back - this way the bunting can be hung either way - there's no obvious 'back' if you know what I mean).

11. Hang and enjoy!

And for the final result?? Well, I haven't hung it yet. Need a ladder and 2 people! But will post a photo as soon as it's done.

You know, if you want a different look, this entire project could be WAY easier. Instead of cutting out two pieces of fabric for each flag, you could instead cut one - using pinking shears - and run a line of stitching just inside the outer edge - voila - flag done! (why did I only think of this now......???)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ode to Masterchef

O Masterchef, how you bring joy to my day
six days out of seven.
How will I cope with my grief when you’re gone.

My Masterchef, imagine life without you
days stretching into long nights
With naught to comfort me at the end.

Dear Masterchef, how you have taught me the patience to
ignore nasal accents and dropped ‘g’s
When never I thought I would.

O Masterchef, I can now quenelle with aplomb
Emitting sounds of joy
When before my kitchen held only the silence of disuse.

O Masterchef
My love
My addiction
What I hold out for each day, even on Saturdays, when there is only a sad and empty longing in my heart

How I will miss you.
How can I go on?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend anticipation

It's Friday morning, and I am so looking forward to my weekend. Tonight I am seeing Breast Wishes with some girlfriends after a lovely tuck in to some asian yummies.

Tomorrow I'm going to a DJs nursery sale wh
ere I'm hoping to get my hands on a nappy man-bag for husband. I figure we're both going to need one, unless he's happy to carry mine around..!

This is mine - the Il Tutto 'Mia' nappy bag:
And this is the one I'm hoping to nab for husband - the 'Jamie' by Storksak:

I'm recovering at the moment from a pelvic injury and am finally feeling like I can do a thing or two, so I think I might make something delicious for dinner on Saturday night and have a little dinner party - just husband and me. He's been working so hard to look after me and I want him to know that I appreciate it.

And then on Sunday one of my best friends is having birthday lunch at one of my favourite Italian restaurants followed by some sundowner cocktails (mocktails for me) on the river. I just love that time of the afternoon / evening - when the sun still has some warmth, the sky is a gorgeous colour, and people are so chilled. What a fab way to unwind before Monday madness. Ah, bliss.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Belly Diaries

I haven't been much good at photographically documenting my pregnancy. I always thought it would be something I'd want to do, but in between morning sickness, hospital visits, back injuries and general life, it seems to have fallen off the ever growing list of things that need to be done.

But I knew that there were a couple floating about, so I'm officially announcing the start now! Here are the pictures we have. And I will endeavour to take a new one at least every fortnight between now and when the little beans arrive.

6 weeks

This is me (well, my belly) at 6 weeks. I knew I was pregnant (omg, so exciting!!!), but didn't yet know we were having twins.
long long break between photos...... Where was I? Primarily wrapped around the loo to be honest - in no fit state for photographs!

18 weeks

Well, the morning sickness had finally (finally!) stopped. And we had found out the wonderful news that we were expecting twins. To be honest, I was starting to feel a little worried about my growth. It felt like everyone was telling me I was abnormally small - "especially for twins" (said people in utter disbelief - with that look - you know that one that says 'are you eating, do you have an eating disorder, are they ok, i hope you're not starving them').

I still hadn't put on any weight, and it felt like so long between scans and obstet
ric appointments. I was really concerned that something was wrong - with me, with them - and I could barely wait for our morphology scan, which was only a week away.

My mum came to the rescue... again.... reminding me that she had twins, and didn't know she was expecting them until my sister Angela (the second born) was delivered! And she wasn't huge or else she, the doctors, nurses, and every person in the street (!), would have realised something was up!

22 weeks

I'm sorry for the terrible quality of this photo - I think I took it one-handed - possibly in a mirror.... oh dear.
We knew we had two little boys in there by this stage, and this moment was when it all really began to feel real for me. Until I grew a little bump and until I could feel the little darlings wriggling around, it felt like a dream - a wonderful dream that I never wanted to wake up from - but a dream nonetheless.

But since my 'aha' moment, things feel like they're on fast forward! I'm feeling the most delightful kicks, I've really 'popped', and I just can't wait to meet the little ones.
I can already sense that one is a real little firecracker (the twin on the bottom) and the top one is kinda chilled, moving at a slower, more languid pace.

I wonder if that's what they'll be like in life too?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nursery sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek of the boys' room. It's finally coming together.

It's been a bit challenging because the room isn't exactly huge (about 3m x 3.2m) and we need to fit in two cots, a chair, a changing surface and storage. And while it's definitely full, it's actually less cramped than I thought it might be.

I've been doing some sewing - I made the hanging mobiles and 4 summer quilts (if you squint you will be able to see them folded up on the shelves).

Here's the mobiles before they were mobiles..!
Despite progress, the list of things to buy doesn't seem to get any smaller! We still need a rug, a foot stool, black out blinds, a change pad (we're just going to use the top of the tallboy for changing - no room for a change table!) and about a million practical baby things (I've been buying rather too many adorable outfits.....).

But I'm happy. We're getting there. Feels good.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More millinery

Last year I made some headpieces for designers showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, and this is a pre-festival press piece from the Brisbane News that a couple of my pieces were lucky enough to be included in.

Mine are the first two headpieces - the scrunched gold leaf and the purple jinsin sculptural one. The gold one is paired with a Julie Grbac frock - and for those of you who were as obsessed with Australian Project Runway as I was, then I'm sure you can understand how exciting that was!

Source: Brisbane News