Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Letter to my babies - 22-23 months

Hello boys, my goodness time goes quickly.

Your daddy and I were just remembering how you used to say "pickabook" Rocky for "book": mama used to ask you everyday to go and pick a book, and you thought that's what a book was called. It was so adorable. Now you not only know it's a "book", you call them by their full names.

And Hame, you used to call a biscuit a "bweh" and grapes "ahple" because you thought they were little apples. You would say "mama, ahple ahple ahple". Now you say "mummy grep ples".

You both talk like big kids - in full sentences, and with words I didn't realise you'd be able to get your little mouths around.

Mama has a beautiful necklace that is a circle with your names stamped on it. You both love it. You know your names are on it, and you call it "mummy's special circle". I didn't know you'd be able to say those sounds all in a row. You surprise me every single day. You can repeat absolutely anything, and you love learning new words.

You're still both champion sleepers, although we had a couple of weeks there when you discovered you could get up and out of your beds yourselves. Rocky, you would just appear from nowhere with a giggle and a "hiii, hello".

Hamey, we used to find you curled up on the floor amongst your toys and spare sheets you pulled out from the drawer under your bed - like you made yourself a little nest.

Rock, you LOVE red. Really really really love red. You insist on wearing "Rocky's red hat, rocky's red sirt (shirt), rocky's red soos (shoes)". Every.single.day. You are an intense little boy. You're energetic, full-on, noisy, clever, and ohsocute.

Hamey, you're a lot more easy-going when it comes to your wardrobe, but you do love blue. Whenever you see something blue you point and say "Ahmy bwoo", and when you see red you say "Grocky wred". You are still an angelic little boy, although, you have a touch of the stealth bomber in you. You're a little comic darling.

I love you, my baby boys - to the moon and back and forever.

All the love in the universe,

Your mama