Thursday, July 4, 2013

three / 52

My three favourite photos of each of my boys, from this year's 52 project, this year so far.

3/52: This face. It's sweet, soft and innocent. He has always had such deep blue eyes, and I love that this photo captures them.
14/52: Joyful. Always joyful. He finds delight in the simplest things.
22/52: Bubbles. That he blew himself. A huge deal for this little angel, who gets through each day with a smile, even though some of the things we take for granted are so much more difficult for him to achieve.

8/52: Even superheroes have to sleep. This one runs on all cylinders, all the time. Sleep inevitably comes.
18/52: Infectious. Hilarious. Excitable.
26/52: Serious. He's listening to his teacher here, awaiting instructions before he dives in. Mature beyond his three years, he invests so much effort into his days. He concentrates, learns, and tries so hard to do things correctly.


  1. Jen, your photography is amazing! I remember you saying how your wanted to take more photos on manual and improve your photography but seeing these shots, you're already a pro! I love the favourites you've chosen and the way each of your darling boys' personalities has been capturing in everyday moments x

  2. Thank you gorgeous girl. I am slowly slowly learning. But mainly, it's my camera and lens combo. I primarily use a 50mm lens, which gives that depth of field xxx


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