Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The road to less - part 3: the linen cupboard

We had 17 beach towels. 17. SEVENTEEN! What is with that?

We also had a stack of sheet sets for a bed that is now the guest bed, cot linen for cots no longer owned, bassinette linen from nearly four years ago, too many face washers to count, and towel sets missing vital pieces.

I pulled it all out, worked out what I truly thought the bare minimum could be, and donated the rest.

This makes me happy. Satisfied, actually. I like to see progress.

I can see what we have. There is space, which is like a big deep slow breath in. Nothing is squashed in, nothing will tumble out. Everything in its place. No more, no less. Enough. 

(Except I still think we have too many beach towels. But with a pool in the back garden, weekly swimming lessons, trips to the beach, and water play, I'm keeping them for now to see how we fare in the warmer months)


  1. Well done!
    And can I say I am so jealous of your closet! My old Queensland has not one closet! Not one! And it kills me! Although it does also force me to be relentless with the decluttering...if it is not essential, out it goes!

  2. I have to admit Caitlin this is the 'downstairs' of the house that was built in probably in the 80s I think. The original house upstairs has no closets either, although a side verandah, that was turned into a sleepout, has now been turned into a dressing room off the master, and the old original front verandah has been enclosed to create a 'sunroom' (which is unbearably hot in summer and freeze your toes cold in winter) that has a whole wall of bookshelves built in.

  3. I've been thinking of you all day actually as I've been pottering and tidying and continuing my culling here :) You've really been inspiring me with these posts. I think you've done a great job with your linen cupboard and I think with all the swimming your family does, the beach towels you've left seem like a reasonable amount. My latest bother is our kitchen and all of the platters, dishes, appliances and gadgets I really think I don't need... baby steps here... I'll get there eventually! :)

  4. Love the road to less concept! I'm a closet hoarder, so need a bit of help decluttering/ getting organised.


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