Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kids live here

A few weeks ago one of my regular blog reads - Tahnee from Milk Please Mum - posted something that made my heart sing. She is part of a project called Kids Were Here, a group of photographers who capture the detail and evidence that children were indeed enjoying their spaces.

I think it's brilliant. Not just because their photography is obviously breathtaking, and meaningful, and loaded and emotional. But because it celebrates the joy, cheekiness, delight, fun and simplicity that comes with childhood. 

And then the beautiful Gaby, from This Little Port, showed her real house and her real spaces this week - yet another sign!

Children create chaos and mess; of that there is no doubt. But the images took my breath away. I saw childhood through a child's eyes, instead of through my own house-cleaning weary ones. 

In the spirit of ceasing being a cranky cow about the state of this house, I decided to take some inspiration from this project in the hope it might help me loosen up about mess, to stop cleaning, and to start playing. So for the past week, I've been snapping away, capturing memories of what my home is like when it's filled with two boisterous boys doing what they do best.

I LOVED IT! I highly recommend it. A slight shift in perspective was just what I needed.

So, here it is, in all its glory, evidence that kids live here - in my home, in my heart - in all its messy, misplaced, imperfect chaos. Beautiful, isn't it.


  1. This is brilliant! I think I will give this ago for next week. Thanks for sharing Jen xo

    1. You will LOVE it Elaina. It was liberating! xxx

  2. I saw that project too...and also thought it was brilliant.
    It definitely made me realise that toddler mess is a part of my life that I need to come to terms with and to appreciate!
    And I too find that taking photos of it helps me to step back and enjoy the mess!

    1. Just the tonic I needed. One day, when they're out making their own ways in the world, we'll miss it - desperately. x

  3. school holidays + winter weather + new baby are teaching me a fine lesson in surrendering to it!

    rachel xo

  4. I love these photos Jen! I had seen this new photo project a little while back and been meaning to join in myself ever since... but in the midst of never-ending colds here, I haven't dragged out the camera as often as usual :)


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