Saturday, July 27, 2013

Balayage is the most perfect of mama hair colour solutions.

It's casual enough to look un-fussy, while still being a little bit on-trend. But the best bit is that it can be entirely accidental.

Until this week, the last time I sat in a colourist's chair was in September last year.

Before kids, I would submit to a colourist's magic every 6-8 weeks, without the blink of an eye. Post kids, it's just too hard. Too expensive. Too time-consuming. Too self-indulgent.

I realised I was far-too-frequently saying "Thank God for this balayage trend. It's the saviour of mothers."

Really, what I was talking about was nearly 12 months worth of re-growth.

So, after nearly a year of hairdresser absence, I decided to get it properly done. The price physically pained me, of course. But it's so shiny! So soft! Unfortunately,  I was almost completely unable to capture it, as you will see for yourself, but for what it's worth, I am loving my new hair.

In other news, I had a CT scan of my face a couple of weeks ago as part of this whole pneumonia / bronchitis / asthma / sinusitis thing that has rendered me useless this month, and learned that I have a broken nose. Yep. A nose that was broken at some point in the past that did such a pitiful job of repairing itself that it grew a whole extra bone spur into my sinus drains, collapsing them, explaining the recurrent infections.

I'm staring down the barrel of 40 years old (well I'm 36) and the last time I recall anything coming into contact with my nose I was 14, at a high school softball tournament, and walked straight into the practice swing of a team-mate. How about that? I've always thought my nose to be a bit off. Now I know I'm not seeing things.

Anyhow, if you're a mum, with limited hairdresser time, budget or tolerance, I highly recommend going the ombre / balayage route. Low maintenance is key.


  1. Loving your hair! :) How did the price compare to foils? I get a half head of foils usually but drag my appointments out to about four times a year... my only worry about making the switch to balyage is the extra expense...? I agree, hair colouring seems SO pricey!

    That's no good about your nose!! You poor thing! Will they do anything about what they've found and the issues it's been causing you?

  2. Oh salon time, how I miss you!
    I really want to cut my hair very short again but I just can' requires frequent trips to reshape it and I am afraid of what I would look like everyday without being able to pull my hair back into a ponytail!
    Can they do anything to fix your sinuses? I hope that you are feeling better...and you manage to stay feeling better for a long time!

  3. and this is why i'm relieved i don't dye my hair, though i really should get a hair cut once in a while :)

  4. I love this. I have been using the balayage {unintentional} for a while now as my "style"! Finally going tomorrow for my first cut in a long time. With no blow dry or silly business less my baby melts in my absence;) x

  5. A broken nose! Yikes. Enjoy the new hair. Kellie xx

  6. Ah yes! Ten years ago it was just re growth but now it's super trendy. I love it.
    Gee I hope your nose gets fixed. Imagine the new smelling capabilities...


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