Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday weirdness #2

I can't sit down at my desk to concentrate on work if there is mess in my line of sight. I am one of those people who need a clean, calm environment in order for my brain to work. If something is bugging me, I *have* to fix it before I can be even vaguely productive.

Unfortunately I am easily distracted, and a queen of procrastination.

I also have two one year olds and my work space is in the same area as the playroom. It's never, ever tidy.

This is generally therefore a gigantic problem.

I race around like an idiot trying to clean up, but then feel like I ought to be working, so race back to the computer, only to be completely unable to do anything until 'that thing, right there, taunting me', is put away, only to realise it's a bigger job than I thought, so go back to the computer instead... and so on.

I'm sure it must be hilarious - and perhaps a little frightening - to watch.

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