Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's the small things

Someone asked me the other day what it was about our house that made me want to buy it.

I know I should have said things about land size and aspect and rooflines and proximity to things.

But can I tell you a secret? There were two main things:

It's in a street called Princess.

And there is a specially built room for clothes and shoes. A shoe room! I've always wanted one of those :)


  1. JEALOUS! And look at the gorgeous light! A girl's gotta have room for her shoes!

  2. I can understand why you went for the house...that is amazing!

  3. Oh my, that shoe storage is amazing!!!

  4. Funny, I just discovered your blog and my post has the same title today as yours!!! My 'small thing' is even smaller than yours.... I wish I had a room dedicated to shoes!!

  5. Oh my that room took my breath away. I would have totally bought the house for the same two reasons. What else could possibly
    matter in the face of such awesome shoe storage.


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