Friday, September 17, 2010


I give myself a really hard time. I don't realise how much I expect of myself, and this week it took a mini-meltdown and an honest talk from T to understand that it's not healthy or helpful.

I think we all expect too much of ourselves, and spend too much time wrestling with guilt and worth.

So, I've decided that instead of wasting precious energy worrying and feeling guilty about all the things I haven't managed to achieve, I am going to celebrate the things I have.

They might not be huge things, but I'm happy I managed them.

1. I wrote half an annual report this week for my client, and it's good. They're really really happy with it, and I feel proud of it.

2. I've cooked something for dinner every night this week!

So there you go. Two things I am proud of this week.

Maybe something this little each week might help.

I, for one, feel better already. And hey, it's Friday!!

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  1. Go Jen! I was reading an article this week and they were saying that we would never speak to another person with such harsh judgement and criticism as we do to ourselves - it's crazy, isn't it?! Give yourself a mental high five - you rock!


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