Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday weirdness #1

I was just hanging my washing out, something that is a source of great hilarity to my family and friends.

I have this thing about pegs. They have to match. I can't hang something out with two different pegs. Physically cannot do it.

Sometimes T hangs things out with un-matching pegs just to see my reaction.

And react, I do.


Yes, I have been known to unpeg and rehang an entire line of washing because of mis-matched pegs. Something that, you know, is an efficient use of all those spare hours I have in my day at the moment.

I have tried to address this issue by buying pegs that are identical. Same size, same colour. Do you know how hard it is to buy packs of single colour pegs (well aside from the wooden ones that just don't last the distance)? Impossible.

There's an idea!


  1. It's OK, you are NOT alone. I have re-hung washing too. And I am worse, I have to group everyone's clothes together so when I take off the line and fold they are already 'grouped'. Anal? Me? Yep!

  2. what kind of weirdo DOESN'T peg clothes with matching pegs? {preferably ones that are co-ordinated with the colour of the clothes}

  3. @BabyMac - me too!!!
    @PPMJ - me too!!!!!!

    And i have all the undies and bras facing the same way as well.

    Phew, at least I'm not the only one :)

  4. Oops! My pegging out is far more haphazard! I figure that as long as it's out, I'm happy! Girls, you're not being anal, you're being ORGANISED! See, put a positive spin on it and you feel better!

  5. Please do not visit my washing line. There are all manner of washing 'sins' being committed on a daily basis. Must pay more attention!

  6. PS: Your twins have an awesome birthday date! Ours were born 25/12/2008 (not such a great date to deal with annually!).

    PPS: I have no idea what a peonie is. I think I will learn a lot from your blog :)

  7. I once had a flstmate that threw out all the pegs that weren't white! She bought a tonne of packets too! Reva, best pegs ever, now make pegs out of recycled plastic and they are all green! Available at woolworths. Hope this helps prevent any further issues at the clothesline!


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