Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh dear, the cake(s)

I am officially the world's worst cake decorator.

I tried. I really did. I did a "practice cake" so that on Friday night when I need to get the world's most important first birthday cakes made, it's not a mad rush, panic and disaster.

It was worse than I expected. I didn't think it would look like one of those magazine cakes, but I had a vision in my head, only it failed to manifest on my cake.

It should have been simple - cut cake into 'kite' shape, ice with buttercream (smooth of course - aha, downfall 1), divide cake into 4 kite segments with licorice strips (which refused to stay straight and instead curved off in the most ridiculous fashion), pour hundreds and thousands into opposite segments (and not spill any into the other segments - hmmmm).

Sounds easy. WAS NOT. Oh dear. And I'm making two! (I have twin sisters who both said to me almost the minute I announced I was expecting twins - "whatever you do, you have to give them their own birthday cakes!" - sounds like childhood trauma to me!)

Now it's too late to get them made, plus I have that whole "it's their first birthday, I'm their mama, I should make their cakes' thing going on.

I'm sure there are tricks I don't know about. I'm sure patience is one of them. Please find me patience...!



  1. I know the feeling...it looks so simple! My birthday cakes for the last 2 years have not turned out the way I wanted...my husband reminded me that it is all about being a little original!!!I so need to do a little cake making course (just so I can learn the basics)!!!

  2. Jen, I had a practice cake-making session this weekend too! Mine did NOT turn out the way I'd envisioned. The icing just did not look smooth the way I'd hoped, lots of bumps and bits of cake... Still, the littlies won't mind, as long as it's colourful and tastes good!

  3. We're so funny Jacki! Practice cakes! I did some internet searching though, and apparently if you do a 'crumb coat' first that helps. Apparently it is just a thin layer of icing (does not have to be perfect) and then refrigerate for a couple of hours until it sets then ice over the top it stops the crumbs getting out of control :)
    I hope you have a lovely day with your little one year old. Where does the time go? I'm certainly tired enough to testify to it being a year though :)
    Sarah, I agree - I am convinced I want to do a basic cake decorating course - we have many more cakes in our futures!

  4. my fingers are crossed that they come out eventually for you x

    im sure they will be perfect and im sure your boys will love them no matter what!

  5. apparently if you place the cakes in the freezer for a while before icing them it helps. Maybe hold some card board up to stop the sprinkles going on wrong section? (you can tell I've made lots of cakes hey....not) I do hope it goes well, I think you are great for doing it for them and especially having two - post some party pics pretty please :-)

  6. I wish I could run over and help you. The boys will love that it's just cake, so don't stress! x


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