Monday, September 27, 2010


The little men are learning so much, so quickly.

Hamish has learned 'ta', and he is adorable. Every time we make eye contact with him he is proffering something up saying 'ta' in the most beautiful little voice. He hands it over very seriously (sometimes - other times he really isn't interested in letting it got) and then holds his hand out to get it back, "ta".

And sometimes he just barrels head-long into Lach, clocks him one, steals his toy, and then looks up with huge shining angelic eyes smiling, and whispers "ta".

The Rock-Star has started standing un-aided.

He starts by holding on to something - usually the sofa and warms up with a few laps, getting faster and faster. He stops, suddenly, and lets go holding both hands up like he's surrendering before falling onto his tiny little bum giggling.

Funny, adorable little men.


  1. I love 'ta'. My little guy also gives lovely 'tas' - melts my heart!


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