Friday, July 9, 2010

My babies are 10 months old

Darling boys - you are 10 months old today. And you are so delightful - possibly the most delightful so far.

You are so aware, and alert, and curious. You giggle and gaggle at each other. And you reach out and hold each others' hand all the time. It melts my heart.

Hame, my squishous, you are divine. Delightful. Darling. Serene. Happy. Twinkly. Cuddly. You are the happiest baby in the world, I swear it. You must be. There couldn't be another baby as calm and smiley as you are.

You're so brave too. All four of your top teeth came through in one day, and even though your gums were bleeding, you didn't make a single noise. Not one. You just toughed it out.

And you have also started eating solids in the last week. Overnight! One day you couldn't, and the next day you were fine! You love yoghurt, and mango & banana, and pea,broccoli and pear all mixed together.

You have finally hit the big 8kg!! Actually, you're 8.1kg. So exciting. We *could* turn your carseat around so you face forwards! But I think we'll wait for Lach to catch up so that you can look forwards at the same time.

You're almost crawling. So so so close. You commando crawl all over the place like a pro, and when you're up on all fours you can take a step or two forward so it won't be long before you're all over the place.

Today was mama's friend's birthday, and you sat on her lap for ages and just gave her your endless smiles until she had tears in her eyes.

You are a beautiful gentle kind soul and I adore you so much I can't put it into words.

Little Lach, my darling one. My goodness you are so so funny. You have such a gigantic personality inside that tiny little body.

You do things to make people laugh. Intentionally. You are very clever. Your favourite game is to make 'grrrr' noises, and then you wait for someone to 'grrr' back, then you do it louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, until we're all shouting and belly-laughing.

You are ON THE MOVE. You won't stay still for a second. Not even long enough to let me put your nappy on. Nope. Boring. So many other things you'd rather be doing than lying still for 30 seconds. Our nappy changing sessions have turned into 5 minute mini-battles :)

It's the same with everything. Even though you can't stand on your own yet, it's all you want to do. You have started trying really hard to pull yourself up onto things, and you flatly refuse to bend in the middle when we put you down. REFUSE. It's the same with crawling. You get up on all fours, move forward and then collapse but you don't let it deter you. You just keep on getting up and doing it again. You are the most determined person I have ever come across.

We always find you in the oddest positions in your cot. This morning, Daddy found you right up the top end, hugging your bear - upright - and asleep. You are so funny.

You have four top teeth too. And you are just looking so grown up - like a real little boy.

You are 7.95kg. A little ball of muscle. A miracle.

I love you to the end of the universe.

Darling ones, thank you for making my days joyful, colourful and love-filled.
Your mama xxx


  1. Such a beautiful heartfelt post. Your boys are just gorgeous xx

  2. Your boys are adorable! Absolutely gorgeous. They both have amazing blue eyes.

    (Feel free to delete this comment if you like - but I can't help saying it! Please google extended rearfacing or watch these videos

    before deciding to turn your boys around. My 9.5 month old is a little bit smaller than your boys and we won't be turning him around until he grows out of his seat lengthwise which I expect will be over 18 months. We turned DS1 at around 22 months - he had just reached 12 kilos and got too long.

  3. Bless, your boys are just gorgeous!

  4. So cute!!!! Can you believe we have 10 month olds???

  5. That is so sweet - they sound so precious! I am loving this age!


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