Friday, July 23, 2010

First birthday party inspiration

The boys' first birthday party is such a milestone. After such a problematic pregnancy, and a loooong time in NICU at the start of their tiny lives, I feel so blessed that we've made it - not just on one piece - but thriving, enjoying, and being the happiest we've ever been in our lives.

It's not going to be a huge party - no clowns, or facepainters, or bouncy castles - but all the special people in their lives will be there surrounding them with all the love in the universe.

We're having a 'kite' party - I know the boys are too small to run around flying one, but it sums up how I feel - flying high, free, and looking to the sun :)

Here are some wonderful parties that I can't stop looking at:

[photos courtesy of the wonderful Tracy Lau and Imprintables]


  1. I think your theme for the boys' party sounds wonderful and I love all the inspiration you've gathered - that second table looks amazing and I love the idea of decorating a kite. First birthdays are so much fun to organize and such a joyous occasion celebrating both the difficult and the fun filled times over the past year. Enjoy planning! x

  2. Hi there - I just left a comment at Ollie & Izzie and now I find myself here. I agree that the first birthday is a major milestone and wouldn't those kite bikkies just make your year!?! I love them. You're going to have a fantastic day.

  3. How beautiful! What a great idea for a theme! Our babies have the same b'day and, like you, we'll be going low key this year. But you're right, the first birthday is such a special occasion - I can't wait!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment and hope the 3 of you had fun at the park today...i love the party inspiration, kites are so much fun and first birthdays are so very special. I used imprintables for my son's christening and I was so happy with them - Enjoy preparing and planning for the special day. Looking forward to seeing more...


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