Monday, July 26, 2010

The 15 of us

My twin mums group is awesome. We didn't get together at ante-natal classes, we didn't meet at the child health clinic, and we didn't find each other through the multiple births association. I think what makes it so fabulous is that - bizarrely - we all knew each other before our twins were born.

We have five amazing (well I think so) women and ten delightfully gorgeous babies. All of us share a special bond - having experienced the challenges of a twin pregnancy, premature deliveries, time in intensive and special care and the joy of bringing two beautiful babies into the world.

We started meeting when our babies were little. Six of our babies were born within two weeks of each other, and the other four little ones followed closely about eight weeks later (those within a week of each other).

While we were all pregnant we stayed in constant touch, following each other's journeys closely - sharing the joys, the pains, the scares, and the hospital stays both pre and post twin arrivals.

We meet every fortnight, which seems like a lot, but we enjoy it so much - and we need it too. Until recently we would meet at each other's houses, but now that quite a few are on the move, we've had to move to a park. Going out in public with 10 babies, 5 double prams, and all the associated guff (toys, playmats, bumbos, walkers, etc) is an hilarious sight. People really do stare.

It's also incredibly busy. In the whole time we've been meeting, we have only managed to get one photo with all 15 of us - and we had to get a photographer in to get it for us. We did it for ourselves for Mother's Day, and I think it's something we'll repeat every year.

We speak and email daily to give each other advice, moral support and a pick me up. It is very hard to understand just how overwhelming having twins can be and it is comforting to have the support of people who know what you are going through.

Our babies are still little (the oldest twins are 10.5 months) so they're really just starting to play together and become aware of each other. But what is so special is that they are always going to know each other and hopefully these little twinnies will be friends for a very long time.

We always joke that when they start school (they will all be in the same year) they'll be looking at the 'singleton' kids thinking they're the odd ones for not being twins.

So, to my twin mummy friends - love you ladies. Thanks for everything xxx


  1. what a blessing to have such support jen... i have one friend who had twin boys 6 weeks after me but doesn't live close by so we only catch up a couple of times a year... other than that all of my support comes for other mum's... they are great but i don't think they ever quite get it! what a beautiful photo too
    shan x

  2. That is so wonderful! I love my mothers group and I don't know how I'd survive without them. I can only imagine the effort involved in getting all of you and your babies to a park!

  3. this is amazing, perfect so lovely...well done to you all. what beautiful times you must all share.

  4. It's incredible you all knew each other before your bubs arrived! What a gorgeous photo - I think a yearly Mother's Day photo sounds like a wonderful idea. It is great that you have a supportive group of ladies who can really understand what it's like for you being a mummy to twins - I know my sister-in-law who has twins finds the support of other friends in the same boat as her really important x


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