Wednesday, July 14, 2010

9 years

radical excision of tumour
17 hour surgery
mandibular split
pic line
re-learning to swallow and eat
re-learning to walk

9 years ago today I had the mother of all surgeries to remove a mass that had dangerously compressed my spinal cord at the brain stem level. I could very easily have died.

Who'd have thought that my life would be so beautiful now?

But it is.



  1. Wow Jen, that's an amazing ordeal to survive. Glad you're still, making the most of life with those beautiful boys of yours x

  2. what an absolute blessing it is to have you still with us jen!!

  3. Wow, what an amazing tale. So glad all has worked out well for you :)

  4. Holy dooly. It must be amazing to look back and see all that you've done since then. So glad you made it through and that you're honouring the experience by remembering and being grateful - a lesson for us all!

  5. I just found your lovely blog and your twin boys are just beautiful...what you survived is just incredible. You must be so proud and feel so blessed when you hold your babies.

  6. thanks lovelies. I am ever grateful to the most wonderful surgeons. It could have been a whole different story. xx


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