Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An interview with a 10.5 month old

Mama: Good morning darling, did you have a good night's sleep (knowing full well he did not!)
10.5month old: awwwahhahhha. geeeeeeee. mememememe, dadaddd

Translation: Well, I could have, because I've done it before but it's so boring now that I can stand up

Mama: Well, at least we got to have some lovely cuddles in the night
10.5 month old : hahaha ccaaa deeeee arhg, sweeeeeee

Translation: Hmmm, maybe for you, but couldn't you tell I didn't want cuddles? I thought I protested enough. I really just like standing up.

Mama: Maybe tonight we'll see if we can keep you up a bit later so that you're a bit more tired for bed-time.
10.5month old: shhh, gooooo, baaa, eggggggggg

Translation: Ah, that old chestnut. No chance. Honestly, I just like standing up. It's the getting back down thing that I can't quite master. But don't worry. Only a few more weeks and I'll be all over it. And then it will be Hamish's turn.....

Love you Lachie, you little monster


  1. How cute! We've got teeth marks all along Mikey's cot from when he could first stand up - he chewed that baby up! We're still waiting for Lucy to stand up - she's so chilled that she's happy to just sit for the time being!

  2. I remember when Grace first started standing up in her cot and then would cry out because she hadn't worked out how to get back down :) Fun fun fun :)


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