Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day and 8 months old

I can't believe my tiny ones are 8 months old. Where does the time go?

This month has been a month of significant development. They are learning so many new things so rapidly.

My tiny babies are both sitting up! Their top teeth are coming through. They play with each other and belly laugh. They squirm when I'm trying to dress them. They try to roll of the change table when I'm changing them. And I can't turn my back for a second because they don't stay in the one spot for very long :)



I love every last little squishy cuddly inch of you. You're a beautiful and delightful little boy. You have such a generous nature, and your smile is so wide, so innocent, so delighted, and so warm.

You are such a happy thing - you babble, giggle and smile all day long. You need your muslin to go to sleep. If you don't have it you just can't settle. As soon as it's in your little hands, you are off in dreamland - instantly.

In the last couple of days you have gone from sort-of-sitting-up to confidently sitting there - reaching all around you for toys. You're starting to put your hands out in front of you, so I'm sure you're about to discover kneeling on your hands and knees. And then you'll be crawling!

Your face lights up when you see me - even if I've only left the room for a minute. I love that you love me.

What a wonderful mother's day.

As ever, all the love in the universe
Your mama


Little Lach (who's not so little anymore, actually)

You started giggling this week!!! And you haven't stopped. You've always smiled your face off, but actual giggles were very few and far between. But now, you are absolutely cracking up at everything. Especially at Hamish. You just look at him and giggle giggle giggle. You reach out to him with your little arms and pull him in for a big hug. It's delightful.

You are such a little boy! So strong and so determined. You pull these little faces when you're trying to get somewhere or something. It's like you won't rest until you've made it. You have such strength and independence - it's obvious to everyone who meets you.

I can't take my eyes off you for a second. You're always twisting and turning, rolling and moving.

You ate an entire avocado yesterday. You crack me up you hilarious, determined, sparky little darling. I adore you. Thank you for my first Mother's Day - I'm not sure any others will top this one.

As ever, all the love in the universe
Your Mama


  1. How gorgeous! And how cute are your babies!

  2. I love these posts, your boys are beautiful..
    Lovely Photo too..

  3. I love reading these letters to your boys. And what a gorgeous photo too! x

  4. thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and entering the mini shoot giveaway! your twins are absolutely gorgeous and they happen share my birthday... good luck, rowe x


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