Monday, May 31, 2010

Ring watch - update 1

I have now had nearly two weeks to come to terms with losing my wedding and engagement rings. I still get very tight in the chest I think about it, and how stupid I have been, but I know for sure they are gone.

The sad and sorry story is this:

Since the boys were born I have lost a fair bit of weight. I think this is pretty common for twin mums - there never seems to be enough hours in the day to eat properly and you're constantly on the go. So, my rings have been loose, and I've been meaning to have them resized for quite a while. But it's just one of those things that I haven't found time for.

I am as certain as I can be that my rings came off when I was putting some rubbish into the wheelie bin one night. It was late, I was exhausted, I had been on the go all day, and I just didn't notice. It was only the next day - after the rubbish had been collected - that I realised what had happened. When the realisation came to me I think I actually physically doubled over. It was like I'd been kicked in the stomach.

I've had to make a police statement, lodge an insurance claim, seek quotes from jewellers for replacements, and my new rings should be with me this week.

It won't be the same though. They're not the *same* rings that were blessed at our wedding, that T proposed to me with, that I've stared at every day since I got them.

Is it silly to be this upset over something that is just material? Part of me feels like I'm entirely over-reacting, but most of me is feeling the loss so keenly.

I can't wait to get rings back on my hand. I feel naked without them.


  1. Oh Jen!

    So sorry to hear this news. I hate that sick feeling too. When your heart stops...

    It IS a loss hun. A major one.

    Don't stress too much though, the new rings will still have the same significance in your life.


  2. It's not silly at all! And they aren't just material possessions- there are so many memories attached.

    I can't speak from experience as I've never lost anything of such value, so I won't even pretend to understand how upset you are!

    That being said though, this WON'T change your life. In 10 years time, when you have your beautiful new rings, you'll think back on the time you accidentally put your rings in the bin, and hopefully you'll laugh a little xx

  3. Don't feel silly at all - I'd feel sick in the stomach too if I lost mine. I hope your new rings feel just like your old ones and that with time, you won't remember that they weren't the exact ones from your wedding day xx

  4. I completely understand how you feel. I once lost a very special necklace and I felt sick whenever I thought about it.
    The main thing is, that they're being replaced and the feeling that went behind the rings will always be with you.

  5. Im with Amanda i hope that your new ones sit in your heart just as your old ones did xxx

  6. Defintely not silly for feeling this way! I would be devasted as well and you have reminded me to get mine done as mine are loose too.

  7. I don't think it is silly at all. Like others have said, I hope that you'll come to love the new ones as much as your old ones xx


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