Friday, November 13, 2009

Sleep! Glorious sleep!

I hope I'm not jinxing myself here. I'm touching every piece of wood within reach.

BUT, I have had four nights - in a row - of sleep without the babies waking to be fed.

I had been led to believe this didn't happen for a long long time yet. Is it possible they have reached that holy grail of Sleeping Through The Night? At 9 weeks (with an adjusted age of only 3 weeks)??

I admit, I have been trying to achieve this. I am a routine girl all the way and have been feeding the boys every 3 hours between 7am - 11pm (or so, depending on when they wake up) so that they get their nutritional needs during these hours, hence reducing the need to wake up for food in the very uncivilised hours (or that's the theory anyhow).

I know lots of people think it's very selfish to do this to a baby - after all, it's for your convenience, not theirs - but to them I say "Do you have twins who don't sleep at the same time during the day, which means you can't rest? They're not exactly old enough to entertain themselves while Mama has a little lie down to recover from only 2.5 hours sleep overnight". After a few weeks of this I suspect common sense would prevail eventually and the routine wins the day :)

So, yay! Good boys. Fingers crossed it continues.

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  1. both me and my sister were sleeping for my mum by the age of 6weeks through the night :)


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