Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You've made your bed......

Well, kind of. It's been made for me.

I'm back in hospital and apparently this is where I will remain until my babies are born. This could apparently be any time. The general consensus seems to be in about 2-3 weeks. I am convinced I can hold them in longer.

I'm a bit of a Pollyanna by nature. I count my blessings regularly, refuse to lose my temper, and generally get about with a stupid smile on my face. Sure things go wrong sometimes, but it's never that bad, or at least that's how I try to look at my world. I much prefer being happy to being negative and miserable - I just don't have the energy to be grumpy.

So, I have decided that I am going to keep the boys in. Until at least 34 weeks. And preferably to 36 weeks.

I have what's known as an irritable uterus. It's apparently rather common with multiples. Basically, the weight of my two babies combined is the same weight as one full-term baby. So in a really basic way, my body thinks it's ready to go.

The other component is that my twins are going through a rapid growth phase, which means that my uterine muscles are almost constantly stretching. This upsets my body, because it knows it needs to contract in order to push the baby out, and so, in order to counter-balance the stretching, it has started contracting.

And this is where the problems start. Ongoing contractions will put me into premature labour, so I'm on meds to stop the contractions. I've had steroid injections to strengthen the boys' lungs in case they are born very soon, and now it's just a waiting game.

I miss T. I see him every day, but I miss sleeping beside him. I miss listening to his breathing. I miss snuggles on the sofa.

On the other hand, how long will it be before I get another chance for a few weeks' feet up, with everything being done for me? 25 years? Ha. I'm going to enjoy it for what it is. The rest I always feel I need :)


  1. Oh no! I feel for you, it must all be rather nerve-wracking. But you are so right about trying to enjoy the 'rest' while it lasts. You have a wonderful attitude : )

  2. Good luck - hoping you make it to 36 weeks!

  3. I have my fingers crossed for your 36 week goal.

  4. Best of luck Jen! I will be thinking of you in the coming weeks and hoping your boys stay put for you. Get the rest now lovely, bank as much sleep as you can. Sandra xx


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