Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Belly Diaries - 32 weeks

Hello again darlings

Well, your mama is still pregnant! That's the very best news of this week.

I had a growth scan and learned that one of you is struggling a little bit with growth, so we need to keep a very close eye on you. I have been having lots of extra scans and monitoring. All our fingers are crossed that you were just having a little break from the hard work of doing so much growing and needed a little rest. Hopefully by the next scan you will be back on the chart.

If not though, it means we just get to meet you both a little sooner than we expected. So that's exciting! We've been down to visit the special care nursery, because if you are born in the next week or two that's where you will stay for a little while.

I'm constantly reassured by all the kicks and wriggling around that you get up to in there, so keep moving!

I love you so much
Your Mama

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  1. hopefully they stay put just a little bit longer xx


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