Monday, August 3, 2009

Exactly how hard is hard?

It's no news that I'm expecting twins. Pretty soon.

It's also pretty obvious that I'm pregnant. Very obvious actually.

This delightful combination of information means that I find myself in rather personal conversations with random strangers rather often. I don't mind usually. I'm a bit of a chatterbox and generally pretty happy to have a chat with anyone who cares for one.

However, I am not impressed - at all - by the overwhelming reaction most people have when they find out I'm having twins. In almost every single case they gasp, reel in horror and mutter something about "you poor thing", or "oh no", or LAUGH!

Am I missing something?? Do all these people know something I don't? Is the universe playing a big joke on me? And, actually, is this not just plain rude?

I don't think I'm naive. I know that nothing can really prepare me for what is about to happen to my life. I know it's going to be different to anything I've experienced before. I know it's going to be immensely challenging, I'm going to be tired, there's going to be un-solvable crying, and un-sleepable nights. I know there will be plenty of moments when I'm not sure I'm 'doing it right'. And I know this is going to make me feel crazy, tired, cranky and out of control.

But won't the good bits be wonderful? And am I not going to witness life and personality emerging from these gorgeous little darlings? And isn't there also all the lovely stuff, like that baby smell, and newborn cuddles, and toothy grins, and unconditional love? Doesn't the hard stuff just make the lovely stuff even better?

Am I really bonkers for being so excited about it that I wish it was now - even the hard stuff? Because that's how I feel. I can't wait. For all of it.


  1. Congratulation!!!

    Thank you also for stopping by Ada & Darcy. xxx

  2. Hi, congratulations on your twin boys! (I have twin boys too!) - I commented once before I think but I was oblivious to the fact that you were also having twins or I may have made a more meaningful comment.
    I saw this post and I have to comment - hell yes twins is hard but it isn't always that way. It's not actually that difficult when they are small but things change as they get older (and I suspect they're going to get easier/awesome when they can play together).
    I think the biggest thing I can say is that imagining how hard it's going to be is completely different from the reality of how hard it is. I don't think many people could do it.


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