Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog This Challenge - What's on your bedside table

I love books. I love their smell, I love the rustle of pages, I love the way they make me think in a different way, I love how they give me an insight into other ways of life, and I love the way I can escape into another world, even just for a little while. I love to have them in my house, forever. I like being able to re-read them, look at them, remember how they made me feel. It's for that reason that I don't use a library, although I know it would be a waaay better financial decision :)

This is my bedside table - it's usually this full. Lots of books, some flowers, and more often than not a half-finished or empty cup of tea. I'm not reading all of those books at once, but this is my current 'reading pile'.

My reading pile usually includes two novels 'on the go' at once, a book that I have read previously that touches me somehow, and which I can revisit at any time, just to delve back in for a minute, a few 'to read next' books, and something 'instructional'or 'educational'.

And while I always make time to read - every single day - I've been known to choose reading over sleep (!) - I admit I have more-than-usual time on my hands at the moment. I am about 7 weeks away from giving birth to twin boys and have found myself on bedrest because of threatened pre-term labour. So I'm enjoying more reading than usual.

Last week I finished Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I really liked it. I couldn't always relate to it, but I thoroughly respect her raw and brave honesty.

I also finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. This one fascinated and appalled me in equal measures. I've always thought there is something sinister about those travelling circuses earlier this century, and the exploitation of people was appalling. But it was magical too. There's something spectacular and compelling about the illusion of performance.

Right now I'm reading The Shifting Fog, by Kate Morton. I have a big soft spot for historical fiction. Plus, she's a Brisvegas chick!

I'm also reading some pregnancy, birth and baby books. I'm especially trying to understand what it's going to be like with two little munchkins, so I have a few twin books there for reference.

In my 'to read next' pile are The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, The People's Train by Tom Keneally, and My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok.

Ah, books. I love you!!


  1. I love how I can lose myself in a book too, you can go 7 weeks. Enjoy your reading before the boys arrive.

  2. I've been known to stay up reading way to late too! All the best in the next few weeks before your boys arrive! Get as many books in now while you can.

  3. That's a very very pretty bedside table! Oh, and some good books too ;-)

  4. I love Kate Morton.. The Forgotten Garden is one of my favourite books. She's a fantastic author!

  5. I struggled through Eat Pray Love as well. It's normally the sort of thing I love, and I did love the Italy section, but she lost me a bit after that.

    And my Nan has recommended Kate Morton to me so many times, need to track one of those down! Thanks for reminding me! Good luck with the next 7 weeks!


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