Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Step away from the books!

I'm suffering from an obsession: an affliction perhaps? I am devouring pregnancy, birth, and baby books (texts!) at an alarming pace. The problem? It's really - really - not helping.

Always wake your baby for a feed. Never, ever wake your baby to feed. Be guided by your baby (huh?). Make sure your baby is getting enough food. Don't worry about how much food your baby is getting. Wrap them. Don't wrap them. Never co-sleep. Co-sleeping is best. Don't put twins together in the same cot. You wouldn't dare separate twins would you? Don't let them get too hot. Or too cold. They only cry if something is wrong. All babies cry - lots.
I could go on, and on, and on....


As someone who tends to live somewhat on the 'process' side of life (spreadsheets anyone?), I feel slightly anxious at such blatant contradiction. How on earth am I going to know what to do?

Perhaps I should take my mum's advice (she has raised three children after all (including a set of her own twins) - without an obsessive dependence on heavy tomes) and

Thanks Mama
(what would a girl do without her mum?)

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