Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Shower musings

I've started thinking about my baby shower. I know, it's still a reasonably long way off. But I am 23 weeks pregnant. And I am having twins, who apparently love to make an early appearance. And I don't want to be too tired to enjoy it.

Besides, I always think it's better to be wel
l-organised! And to be totally honest, I love planning so much - sometimes even more than the execution to be honest - and it's such an exciting thing to be thinking about.

My gorgeous friend Megan has offered to throw it for me. And I'm very glad it's her. She has divine taste, and with her at the helm I am sure it won't look like Disney has vomited all over the house and garden (or at least I hope not).

I'm finding lots of joy in duck egg blue at the moment, so I think we might start there. And I think I'd like an afternoon garden party. Crystal, delicate glazed china, huge blooms of hydrangeas, peonies, roses. Paper lanterns.

Hmmmm, lovely.

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