Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have loved my house from the minute I saw it on the internet.

It's in a lovely leafy suburb. It's a 1920s Queenslander with the original leadlights, plate rails, cornices and decorative ceilings. It's a serene haven. It has a colour palette of white on white, with a bit of black and silver thrown in for some definition and elegance. It has a massive walk in robe with special storage for shoes for heaven's sake. It's practically perfect!

But something has happened to my serenity. Recently, all I can do is walk around and find things I want to change. Paint walls, put up wallpaper, buy new furniture, knock some walls out, build a new patio, re-stain the floors, and why not re-install the kitchen while we're at it.

And not in a "perhaps this is something we could consider doing at some point down the track". It's more a "I need to discuss these plans with you RIGHT NOW, and yes, I am quite aware that it's 2am" - rather disconcerting (for my husband mainly) I imagine.

This is not good. I have a tendency to get 'itchy feet' after living somewhere for a while (and I'm at nearly 2 years in this house (yes, the one I bought for 'forever').

Here's hoping it's only those crazy nesting hormones.....

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