Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh, hello 45 minute intruder

nice to meet you. Or not. Where did you come from? I wasn't expecting you.

You've created a teeny bit of chaos in my lovely home. I think you're probably the boys' newest best friend though. After all, now they get to be awake nearly all day - yep, that's right. All day. Playing, giggling, being cute... then getting more and more tired and grumpy. But no, you won't let them sleep will you? 45 mins, right on the knocker. And they're up! Yep, both of them. At the same time.

So, dearest 45 minute intruder, you've made your presence known. We noticed you. Job done. Please leave now.


  1. Oh getting them to stretch that little bit longer is hard. I hope you can find the magic answer. xx

  2. Good luck!!
    Thank you for your wishes. All is well with Dad, had double knee reconstruction and all his family live hours away out of sydney so needed to make sure all was good. And i'm an only child!! xx


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