Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 months!

Darling Hamish

Happy 4th month birthday, you darling little boy. You have grown so much. Right now, you are 5.83kg, and 60cm long.

You totally love pureed pears, and get so excited when you see the spoon coming. You smile at me every morning when I come in to get you up, and you shyly smile at visitors, who melt when they see you. You love cuddles, and you have the most wonderful giggle. Your eyes sparkle when a smile is coming on. Your purple musical elephant - Ollie - is your favourite toy, and you love looking in the mirror. You love your dad so so much, and he adores you right back.

You don't cry or shout. You are a quiet, cuddly, shy, darling little boy who is always warm and snuggly. Holding you close is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my entire life.
I love you so so much

Your Mama

Beautiful Lachlan

Happy 4th month birthday! What a big boy you have become. You've come a long way littlest one - from 1.23kg to 5.23kg. You were so so tiny when you were born, but you'd never know it now: you're a picture of health.

You're a brilliant sleeper - you stopped waking for your middle of the night feed at about 8 weeks, and then started sleeping all the way through from 10pm to 7am from about 10 weeks. Lots of our friends with babies are very jealous!

You have such a sparky personality. You laugh, smile, giggle and shout out at people and things all day long. You're intoxicatingly happy. You get super excited and your whole body joins in - arms, legs, head: it's all moving all the time. You're an excellent head-holder-up-erer - and you love to stand. In fact, you love being upright so much, that a lot of the time you refuse to bend at all. Makes it a little hard to get you into your beloved bumbo and swing, but it makes for giggles all round. You get really excited when you see your dad, and you go into full body movement overdrive. It's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

I love you so so much sparky

Your Mama

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  1. I love reading these little letters to your babies, they're just so beautiful! I'm sure your boys will be stoked to read them when they are old enough! x


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