Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend anticipation

It's Friday morning, and I am so looking forward to my weekend. Tonight I am seeing Breast Wishes with some girlfriends after a lovely tuck in to some asian yummies.

Tomorrow I'm going to a DJs nursery sale wh
ere I'm hoping to get my hands on a nappy man-bag for husband. I figure we're both going to need one, unless he's happy to carry mine around..!

This is mine - the Il Tutto 'Mia' nappy bag:
And this is the one I'm hoping to nab for husband - the 'Jamie' by Storksak:

I'm recovering at the moment from a pelvic injury and am finally feeling like I can do a thing or two, so I think I might make something delicious for dinner on Saturday night and have a little dinner party - just husband and me. He's been working so hard to look after me and I want him to know that I appreciate it.

And then on Sunday one of my best friends is having birthday lunch at one of my favourite Italian restaurants followed by some sundowner cocktails (mocktails for me) on the river. I just love that time of the afternoon / evening - when the sun still has some warmth, the sky is a gorgeous colour, and people are so chilled. What a fab way to unwind before Monday madness. Ah, bliss.

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