Tuesday, July 21, 2009

500 pieces of advice

I have just stumbled across this amazing feat of love, energy, passion, and, well, stamina.


This is a blog by a mum who is compiling a list of 500 pieces of advice for her baby girl. Some serious, some silly, and all gorgeous.
What an amazing thing to do! What an astonishing gift. It feels like the kind of very very special book that can be passed down through generations, added to along the way, loved and shared by many.

I can't exactly describe how much this resonates with me. Maybe it's the kind of thing I wish I had. Or maybe I admire the love that sparks something like this. Either way, I have decided to start my own 'book' of advice for my little boys to help them on their way to a happy, adventurous and fulfilled life.

I want to compile a wide range of advice, ideas, and other words that come together to make for a happy, contented and honest life. They don't have to be serious or even particularly sensible. In fact, they can even be downright silly. All I'm looking for is that they're resonant. And true.

If you can think of that one piece of advice that you wish you'd received; that you did receive and you've never forgotten; or something you heard somewhere that just rang true deep in your gut, I'd love to hear it.

I'll start with the first five:

#1. We love you. We always will. It's nice to have someone love you unconditionally, and that's what our love is. There's nothing we won't be there for.

#2. Unless the elevator you're in is so crowded that you have no choice but to exit first, always let others out before you. You'll be rewarded with a smile. And that's a nice thing.

#3. Only ever wear french cuffed business shirts. They sit better, fit better, and look more refined. These things may matter to you one day.

#4. Always send a thank you. If someone has made the effort to entertain you, please thank them properly for it. It will make their day.

#5. Sing! Loudly, and often. Even if you can't. It's good for the soul.

Right, there you have it. The first 5! I'll keep this up until I hit - maybe not 500 - but until it feels right.

Wish me luck!

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  1. What a find. Thanks Jen. That is beautiful.
    One of mine is:
    I think I can, I think I can (accompanied by chugging arms of course). My mum used to do it for me when I was a kid and I was trying to do something but getting frustrated. I would laugh but also keep going. I do it for our kids now and still do it for myself when I'm having trouble staying on track with things or finishing something (if I'm in public I don't pull out the chugging arms — okay maybe I have a few times).


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