Thursday, February 20, 2014


We've come a long way on this journey to creating a calm home. Where we value space and time over stuff and being busy.

But it's an ongoing job. It's become a daily habit, in fact. Every day, something leaves this house. Usually more than one thing finds a new home.

There's no finish line, no "aha! we're done" moment. It's addictive though. These days, I fantasise about clearer spaces and a clearer mind. About getting rid of as much as possible. About - finally - properly dealing with our storage cupboards and garage.

With children, especially, there is stuff. So much stuff. I have no idea where it comes from; I can only assume it tiptoes in - under a cloak of darkness, a veil of silence - because I know we didn't buy it!

Despite stripping the house of all the boys' toys (that's a post for another day!), today, I look around and can't help but feel there is still so far to go, so instead I'm going to celebrate our progress so far.

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  1. Your house looks lovely! So inviting.
    And I know what you mean about stuff…I can look around this room and see four or five things that I would like to pass on to someone else. For better or worse I tend to have an all or nothing approach to stuff…I will take a week off and just go nuts and go through the whole house. But then I won't do much decluttering for another six months or so…and like you said so much seems to find its way in during that time!


Thank you for posting! You've just made my day :)