Friday, March 22, 2013

Three and a half

My darling Hamish,

You have grown up so much, it seems, lately. You are walking differently. And talking like a grown up (still with the most adorable of lisps).

You have started standing your ground and challenging boundaries. You're still a soft and gentle soul, but you've found your voice. I'm happy that you're learning to stand up for yourself. It's so important. We just need to work on the delivery a little.

You have a beautiful capacity for creativity, and I love listening to your darling voice sing-songing stories that you have plucked from the depths of your imagination.

You can draw! You draw the most remarkable, quirky little people. I want to hang them up all over the house.

You have been poked, and prodded, pulled and paraded around doctors, physios and specialists this year, and your smile has never once wavered. You always see the good in people, and they in you.

You have a special sparkle in your eye that everyone you meet can see. You have a beautiful spirit and it shines straight out of your beautiful face and lights up everyone around you.

You still won't eat much meat.

We love you, darling baby boy of my heart.

All the love in the universe,
Your Mama

Ah, my Roc

You race towards me, full steam ahead, and throw your arms around my legs: "I just love you mum".

Laughter erupts from your elfin face as frequently as tears and tantrums.

You are ferociously independent, and remarkably capable. You are able to competely dress yourself, make your bed, set the table, and today you served up your own weet-bix.

But despite all this indepedence, you're still not entirely comfortable being alone, or playing independently. You NEED your peeps around you.

You are thriving at kindy, and I think you're just a little bit bossy. Apparently you are a stickler for the rules, try your very very hardest to do everything and glow and grow with every little piece of praise that comes your way. In that way you are just like me. I was exactly like that as a child, and actually, I still am I think.

You talk. My goodness you TALK. You never stop, except when you're asleep, of course. Daddy would say you get that from me, too.

Physically, you're a little version of your daddy. Long and lean. Platinum blonde.

You've shot up recently. I can't believe how tall you are! Up, but not out. Your tiny little body is lithe, lean and looks like it's carved of marble.

And we love you. So so much. Did you know you sing like an angel?

All the love in the universe,
Your mama


  1. Beautiful post - I got all teary reading it. That mama and son bond is so special. Have a wonderful weekend with your gorgeous wee men. xo

  2. Such a lovely post...and isn't it wonderful being a child and celebrating half birthdays and quarter birthdays!

  3. I love these posts of yours, heartwarming, honest and beautiful. Isn't motherhood the best? :) Love your photos too xx


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