Thursday, March 7, 2013

Days like these

It has been raining for weeks. Months even. The amount of water is absurd. Keeping two three year olds happy and content one rainy day after another can be challenging.

We've filled our days with some messy fun.

Goop. Gak. Slime. Whatever you want to call it! They LOVE it.

Baking. I love getting the boys into the kitchen. For lots of reasons. I want them to understand about where their food comes from. I want to teach them to feed themselves. I want them to learn that the love poured into food is one of the most precious parts of life. And, it keeps them busy.

We've been hanging out at our local library, which has a fab kids' section. 

We've been hanging out in the playroom too, now that we have carpet again. It's like a whole new adventure for them; Hame particularly. He's always in there, making up stories, singing, and making a pretty huge mess. 

And colouring. There's been lots and lots of masterpieces produced.


  1. I am at wits end with what to do with my two year old...and there is more rain on the way!
    We have baked, we have crafted, we have read we have watched probably too much Peppa Pig!
    Oh well.
    I am sure the sun will shine on Brisbane again...some day!

  2. The rain you have been having is crazy. My sister is going nuts in Brisbane with her little one. I love libraries and museums for rainy day activities. Wrapping everyone up and heading the beach is always good to blast away the cobwebs.x o


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