Thursday, March 28, 2013

The simple things

It actually takes surprisingly little to make me happy.

Cuddles with my babies

The gorgeous T

Bubbles - of one kind...

... and another

Babies baking

PJs - with built in leg-warmers (I know!!)

Watching my boys learn, grow and interact with each other

A clean house. Gleaming floors!! (my trick is BOILING water, a dash of eucalyptus oil and teeny tiny squirt of dish liquid, and one of those microfibre-type-flat-velcro mops squeezed almost dry)

Candle light

Thrifted beauty

A kitchen with everything in its place.

And a pretty table set for delicious food, family and good friends


  1. Lots of great things here. I'm a bubbles girl too. And I love it when my house is clean and tidy with everything in its place. Is'nt funny that once you have children it is the everyday simple things in life that make you smile. P.S. WHERE did you get those pjs? I want some!!! xo

  2. I love a clean house too...makes me feel so much more settled. And your floors! I have never seen such a gleam! I generally use hot, hot, hot water, vinegar and a bit of eucalyptus oil but I might try your trick next time!

  3. I'm a 'clean house makes me happy' girl too :) I am SO trying your floor concoction! Love the photo of you with your boys and the one of them together. Seeing my two interacting and playing together melts my heart too :)


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