Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A sight you don't see everyday

Our poor neighbours. A whole tree was battered and uprooted in these violent and brutal storms. It was craned off this morning, and their car towed away.

We live in an elevated area, so the flood waters don't rise through our street and into our homes. But the volume of water falling from the sky and the run-off from the houses further up the hill mean that we are still affected. Water has seeped through our walls. Paint is bubbling and sagging. Mould is forming. Carpets are sodden. Today I'm moving furniture and boxes off the sopping carpet and thanking my lucky stars we don't have much, and that it's not worse. In 2011, our downstairs level was flooded and it was coming in sooner than we could mop and up and sweep it out.

In the spirit of gratitude, I've been needing to declutter and clear out, so this is forcing me to get on with it.

I can't stop watching the news, and I can't believe this is happening again - almost exactly two years later. The death of the three year old boy is just devastating, as are the other losses of life.

It's all just too sad.

It's a land of extremes, this country of ours. From bushfires to floods, in a matter of days.


  1. I've felt heartbroken for all those affected too every time I catch something on the news - so sad. Hope you guys fare okay and that the damage isn't too bad :(

  2. Yeah it is so sad and a true indication mother nature is screaming at us to stop harming the planet! Beautiful post and positivity. I loved reading your words then, your heart is huge. Sorry to hear about your neighbours car..xx


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