Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh, my darling Roc. You have a beautiful heart. You've always been affectionate - adoring snuggles and kisses - but lately you have reached new levels of love.

The other night, when I asked you who your best friend was, you said "Hamey! I love my brudder. He makes my heart smile."

Truly. You did. Those amazing, heart-felt words rolled straight off your tongue. And just like that, my heart smiled, swelled and, well, tears welled. When I told you that you made my heart smile, you looked up at me in wonderment, with the most glorious look of sheer unadulterated happiness on your face. It was one of those perfect moments in time when memories are made that will last a lifetime.

You frequently say, "I love you Mummy. And I love Daddy. And I love Hamey. And I love MYSELF". It's hilarious, but I hope you always will.

Whenever we're walking along holding hands, you cover the back of my hand with hundreds of tiny feather-light kisses, and you glance sidelong at me waiting for me to notice, with the sweetest smile on your elfin face.

I know one day I'll lean in for a kiss and you'll roll your eyes and mutter something like "Eww, gross Mum", so until then, I am going to enjoy every last one.

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  1. The most beautiful post! I love that he expresses himself so well! Thinking of all the things that make my heart smile... X


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