Sunday, January 27, 2013


Roc. Posing. Begging me to take a "photo of my funniest ever in the whole world face mama". Complete with 'warm chocolate' froth on his lip.

My Hamish, deep in concentration. Car-building.
Joining in with Jodi and this wonderful project.


  1. Boys are just great aren't they? I'm glad you contacted me - My friend is about to have twin boys so I've passed on the details of your website to her. As for the weather, we are up on the 2nd floor so no chance of flooding here, but we'll be keeping an eye on our house which is one street back from the river. xx

  2. Ha...when my sister was young she always insisted that she had "hot chocolate warmed up" when of course she meant hot chocolate cooled down.

    And I love the photo of Hamish building his car...boys do seem to have an innate love of cars don't they.

  3. I love it when they actually want to pose for a change! His face is adorable in that shot. x


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