Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am day dreaming about pretty frothy frocks
I am baby-free, and working. I miss them.
I am editing web copy while drinking endless cups of english breakfast tea, from a teapot, made with leaves
I can still smell Hame's warm little morning snuggles
I have made a mercy dash to our poor pool, which had turned an alarming shade of green overnight
I am smiling at Lach's newest word: crazy. He says it all the time, and it's so cute.
I picked some gardenias from my garden, and they have made my house smell so pretty
A good friend called and we had a lovely chat
I told my special peeps that I love them
The sun is shining!


  1. love it jen... we have very similar posts today!! i love reading about the everyday things in our lives... thanks for sharing and keep on having that perfect day xxxx

  2. Gorgeous post - hope work goes quickly with those cups of tea (I've already had several cups today myself!!) so you can get home quickly to your gorgeous little ones xx


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