Thursday, December 9, 2010

15 months

Rockstar, you are busy. So so busy. All the time.

You don't walk - you run. You don't just talk, you chatterbox. You don't do things quietly; you make as much noise as you can. Sometimes you just shout - as loud as you can - for absolutely no reason other than that it maks you laugh, it makes Hame laugh, and it makes Mama and Daddy laugh.

Your latest version of fun is picking up everything that is pick-up-able, and throwing it over the baby gate and down the stairs, with as much force and racket as you can muster. You also throw things down behind the television and under the sofa, and remove everything in your reach from its rightful home, and onto the floor. You are a one-baby chaos machine!

But you are delightful. So cheeky. So funny. So clever. And so cuddly. One of my favourite things is when you see me coming and you race as fast as your little legs will carry you over to me. You throw yourself around my legs and grip on as though you never want to let go.

You are going through a very clingy phase and are sometimes utterly inconsolable unless I'm giving you a cuddle. You cry with such heart-breaking tears that it's all I can do to stop my own tears falling.

But mostly you are cheeky, crazy, giggly, and mischievous.

I love you my little Rocky.

All the love in the universe,
Your mama

Hello Hamish, darling boy

Happy 15 month birthday my angel. I know I say it every month, but you are a darling. You just are. You still are. I'm sure you always will be.

You are kind, and gentle, and sweet.
You sing the softest, sweetest songs, and it melts my heart.
You smile and laugh at complete strangers everywhere we go. They fall in love with you, and I don't blame them.

You LOVE other children. You try to launch yourself out of your pram to play with other kids. You point and laugh and laugh until they see you, and then they can't help themselves either - you're irresistible even to them. They come over, hold your hands, kiss your cheeks, and say "look at the beautiful little baby mummy" to their own mamas. You are enchanting.

All four of your molars have come through at exactly the same time this month and you haven't made a peep. Not a sound. You are so brave. Even when your little gums have been bleeding, you still keep on smiling.

Lately, you love your teddy bears. You often pick all of them up and once and just snuggle right into them with the biggest, happiest grin on your face. See? Darling. No question.

As ever, all the love in the universe
Your Mama

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  1. I love reading the latest about your two darling boys who sound like the most gorgeous little men ever!! x


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